Yoga Strap So That Each Posture To Do The Standard

In a day of yoga practice, whether it is a beginner, or the old driver, we will always encounter some difficult to break through the bottleneck, this time, maybe you need a yoga band, deepen your practice, decoding an individual.

Ramp plate to the four-pillar support, if the arm strength is insufficient, the elbow will open to both sides, in the middle of the arm tied to the yoga band, you can keep the elbow to tighten the body on both sides, strong support the body.

Crow not only need the core strength, arm strength is also very important. With yoga with sets in the upper arm, so that arm support more stable. And then in the body to find the balance of power.

Dolphin is the head of the front of the preparation of the action, the beginning of the head upside down, the elbow is easy to over-open, with a stable elbow elbow distance, so that the elbow to keep the floor, the power to the shoulder to the back, the establishment of the body Stable, for the first upside down to lay the foundation.

To practice after the bend, of course, from the bow began. With yoga with a set of instep, hands to catch the yoga band, a little shortened yoga with the length, slowly deepen the bend.

After a period of time, slowly want to challenge the difficulty of the dance-style, dance-style not only need the flexibility of the spine, but also need to open the chest and shoulders, and below the thigh's strength and foot balance, Remember to warm up first Oh

Swan-style bends not only stimulate the crotch muscles, at the same time, the depth of the front of the muscles stretching the thigh, with yoga, open the chest,Yoga band stretching the front of the body to create more space after the bend. Remember not to squeeze the waist too much.

Sitting in the flexion, we can easily forget the hook heel, the lower back is not easy to straighten. With yoga set in the soles of the feet and the lower back, with the power of pedaling feet, so that the back to keep forward forward. Sitting before the flexion can not be too laborious to stay longer.

Sleeping angle to maintain a long time, you can better open the crotch, with yoga with a fixed beam angle, even asleep, you can also keep stretching, style does not take shape. This is a good way to relax, but also stretch the body.

Needle is also open the crotch, stretching the medial meridian of the thigh. With yoga set in the middle of the thigh and lower waist,Yoga band the thigh as far as possible to the abdomen, deepen the stretch.

Before we learn how to use yoga stretching, we must first understand how to properly buckle the yoga stretch.

There is a bar in the middle of the stretch,Yoga band the bar has a rough side, one side is relatively smooth

1. First, the left hand with a button, the smooth side up

2. Right hand to straighten the belt to the other end, from the tape inside the buckle from the bottom up to wear

3. around the bar, through the outside of the hole from the top down to wear

4. The final adjustment can be made