Yoga Strap Flexibility Will Improve

The Application of Yoga Strap in Sitting Style

For sitting style, you can put the Yoga Strap band wrapped around the feet, arms straight, hand to catch any Yoga Strap.

At this time, the pelvis will naturally tilt forward. We have to be at right angles to the body, try to stretch the hamstring. We usually do not sit so, so the shoulder may be involuntarily up the towering.

Note that do not shrug, to relax, the shoulder naturally sink. Keep the spine straight and do not bend. Shoulders back, chest as much as possible, outward expansion.

With the depth of practice, Yoga Strap in the binding style can be used. The second map is a complete binding style, if our hands can not be met, you can use Yoga Strap with increased length, to assist. Every time we can practice Yoga Strap with a secondary, slowly, our hip flexibility will increase, the chest will open, then we will be able to hold hands.

For the balance of style, when the balance is not enough, the Yoga Strap band is equivalent to let our arm grow, can hold the toes. As shown in the figure, with Yoga Strap band wrapped around the foot, hand as much as possible to seize the place near the foot, keep the body straight, straight arm. Stretch the legs and adjust the breath.

Cattle face for the shoulder and chest has a strong stretch effect, the right side of the child is a complete cow noodles, if the hand can not grasp, you can use the same as the left with a Yoga Strap band to help.

Stretching is generally known as Yoga Strap rope, not flexible, can help bones stretch and extend the posture to stay time;

Can be carried out by stretching the body only real body, so that two hands can be empty out, do enjoy the extension of action.

Beginners are not familiar with the general Yoga Strap action or can not achieve the function of action, if coupled with a little auxiliary tools, as well as Yoga Strap teacher's guidance, you can be more handy!

In practice waist bending or leg stretching action, can be used as a foot or waist rely on the use of force.