Yoga Mat Wash Regularly With Cleaning Utensils

It is important to choose a good Yoga Mat Mat mat to join the Yoga Mat control family. In fact, thousands of years ago, when the Indians began to practice Yoga Mat Mat, there is no cushion. But now the Yoga Mat practitioner is inseparable from this mat.

Because the Yoga Mat is made of professional materials, it is paved on the ground to practice, can prevent the spine, ankle, hip, knee and other parts of the injury, because it has a certain degree of non-slip, so can also prevent injury and other sports injuries. Facing the market a variety of Yoga Mat Mat mat, how to buy it?

One, according to "thickness needs" to choose

One of the most basic suggestions about the thickness of Yoga Mat pads is that beginners can use a thick, 6-millimeter Yoga Mat to prevent sports injuries. After a certain foundation and experience, you can use a Yoga Mat of 3.5 mm to 5 mm thickness. Of course, if you are very afraid of "pain", you can always choose a relatively thick Yoga Mat practice.

Second, according to the study of the "type of Yoga Mat " selected

If you practice Yoga Mat Mat with soft training, you will often encounter the action of sitting on the mat, when a thicker, softer Yoga Mat will make you more comfortable. But if you're practicing a Yoga Mat, flow Yoga Mat, or Ashtanga Yoga Mat, you'll need a bit of a hard cushion, and too soft a Yoga Mat is not easy to do.

What kind of cushion should you use if you do not have the same static motion and are not sweating as much as running? I suggest "It's still a little thin." Thick cushion (5 mm or more) loss of contact with the ground feel, do a lot of action will have a "distortion" feeling. In foreign countries, most Yoga Mat practitioners love to use thin mats, which is the truth. If you feel that the thin cushion is doing some kneeling action, the knee is unwell, but you can pad the towel on the knee.

Some people rarely clean their Yoga Mat pads, but Yoga Mat pads do not clean up for a long time and may even affect the health of our skin. So what are the tips for cleaning Yoga Mat?

① often wipes with wipes

Here we can wipe it with a wet towel after each practice, and then dry it. But don't wipe with soap or other cleaning items because the Yoga Mat absorbs it and keeps it wet for a long time.

② on the issue of drying

We regularly use cleaning utensils after washing, the Yoga Mat should be flat or hanging on the balcony for at least 24 hours, but keep in mind that the sun, lest the Yoga Mat too dry.

③ about cleaning Agent

Here is a small trick, personally feel also very practical, with 1:5 of vinegar water mixture as a Yoga Mat detergent, can effectively remove stains. Some of the gamma people in the cleaning Yoga Mat mat will add polar tea tree essential oil, because it can play a certain antibacterial effect, but we recommend too much practice, because it will let the Yoga Mat rubber expansion.