Yoga Mat Keep The Cleaning Once A Month

Undeniably, yoga is very good for your thoughts and body, but Yoga Mat are likely to make you sick? According to Prof. Robert Lahita, a professor at the Rutgers University School of Medicine, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are lurking on non-washed Yoga Mat. Although these bacteria are harmless in most of the time, but if your immunity is poor, these bacteria is likely to make you sick.

"If the mat is not cleaned regularly, the mat will slowly accumulate bacteria that live on people's skin, such as staphylococci and streptococci, which can cause infections or more severe illness when these bacteria are in contact with open wounds. And flu bacteria can sometimes spread from the nose contact pad, although these bacteria can only survive on the surface for several hours, fungi is the same, but it can survive for several days. "Pittsburgh University Medical Center Infectious Disease Physician, Amesh Adalja also so.

Cultivate the feeling of washing mat. Every few months or less, you should be aware that your yoga mat needs to be cleaned. If you practice yoga every day, then regular maintenance of your mat can not only extend the life of the mat, but also to prevent the formation of bad smell and the breeding of bacteria.

If you practice yoga regularly, keep at least once a month for cleaning, especially when the weather is hot.

If your yoga mat begins to fall off, and even debris sticks to your clothes in practice, then you can consider buying a new mat.

Soak Yoga Mat. Use warm water and mild detergent such as detergent to soak the yoga mat and let it soak for a few minutes. This will help remove dirt, oil and any odor.

For your yoga mat, cleanser or hypoallergenic detergent, two relatively mild cleansers are the best choice for cleaning. The amount of control is about 1 gallon (3.7 liters) of warm water, only 1 tablespoon of detergent or detergent (15 ml). Avoid using too much cleanser in warm water. Because this will reduce the non-slip performance of the mat and increase the difficulty of practicing the mat on the mat.

In some places it is recommended to use vinegar to clean your mat. Please note that this may cause your mat to leave the smell and be persistent. While vinegar is also likely to affect the quality of the mat, depending on the material of your yoga mat.

Wash the cloth with a soft cloth. After soaking the mats for a few minutes, clean the sides of the mat with a soft cloth. Wipe the sides thoroughly and focus on the areas where your hands and feet are most in touch. You can easily distinguish, because the color of this place may be and other regions of the color has a slight difference.

Make sure your movements are gentle, so that your mat will not be damaged.

If you do not see the bubble out is also irrelevant, remember that you only need to clean the mat, not let it slip. Also remember that you will never put your yoga mat into the washing machine. It will significantly reduce the quality of the mat.

Rinse with clean water. Rinse the mat with water until you find that the water becomes clear. This will help to remove the detergent residue and reduce the risk of mats slipping. If the rinse can not achieve the desired effect, then you can consider using a soft cloth and then wipe it again.

Remove excess water. Shake off the water on the surface of the mat. Let the mat tiling on the dry towel pad and roll the two together to bring out the excess water.

Do not use the twisted way! This may cause wrinkling, tearing or deformation. You can gently step on the roll up the mat and towel, which will make the residual moisture faster to be brought out.

Hang the mat. After squeezing excess water, start your yoga mat and hang it until it is completely dry.

You can use the hanger to dry mat, but to know that this may leave traces. You can also put the yoga pad on the clothes rack, which can effectively dry the sides of the mat.

Do not put the yoga mat in the dryer. Doing so will ruin your mat, and may cause a fire.

Pressing the mat with your fingers can help you feel if the mat is completely dry.

Understand the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance. Dirt, grease, sweat will reduce the quality of your mat, after each use, the implementation of a simple maintenance of the mat can extend its life, if you practice yoga every day or more times a week, then it should be in each use After properly maintaining your mat.