Yoga Mat Good Durability, Low Cost Of Raw Materials

The first time to know, oh ~ original yoga mat is not only PVC or TPE material.

Yoga mat in the yoga people, is the daily necessities of life. Yoga yoga practitioners practice yoga, the more like their own yoga mat. Because a stylish and beautiful and suitable for their yoga mat not only allows you to let you in the circle of social friends to gain more praise, more importantly, but also allows you in the yoga studio, the journey and the family can guarantee the duration of practice Sex.

Therefore, the selection of a suitable for their own Yoga mat, yoga has become an essential homework. Next, we mainly from the material, size, portability and slip resistance to analyze how to buy yoga mat.

1 material

Currently on the market mainstream yoga mat material is generally divided into PVC, TPE, natural rubber, cork, linen and mixed material yoga mat. If you are allergic to latex, pay attention to whether the label is marked with latex (latex-free).

Advantages: good durability, low cost of raw materials, so the price is more close to the people, but also the use of relatively common yoga mat; do not contain latex, suitable for latex allergies; material absorption is poor, so easy to clean.

Insufficient: because the material absorbability is poor, so dry case of good anti-skid, but for the sweat more people, the poor slippery; plastic products can not be natural degradation.

The length is usually around 170cm and about 180cm; the width is usually around 60cm.

Beginners recommend the use of 6-8mm medium thickness, you can make the process of learning more pleasant yoga; advanced people recommend the use of 3-6mm (also currently the most common thickness on the market), and gradually adapt; senior people recommend the use of 1.5-3mm thin Mat, fully aware of the ground, keep the action stable.

3 portability

Usually yoga people will prepare two mats, one home, one for outdoor practice. Put the yoga mat at home can ignore the portability, but bring out the mat must be easy to carry. The first weight to light, many brands will produce 1.5-3mm travel with yoga mat, can be easily rolled up or folded into the suitcase and backpack.

4 slip resistance

Just touch yoga giants, generally on the yoga mat will not have any special requirements and concerns. But the use of non-slip or non-slippery mats experienced a profound impact, so that the original effort on the station more difficult to control the three-dimensional, more nervous muscles, it is difficult to get stretch, in addition to not guarantee the correct style of practice, Practice the security. Summer yoga easy to sweat, this time more need a slippery mat.