Yoga Mat Clean Is Very Necessary

Some grenades rarely wash their Yoga Mat, but Yoga Mat for a long time do not clean up there are unpleasant atmospheres that may even affect our skin's health. So what is the skill of cleaning Yoga Mat?

① often wipe with a wipe

Here we can wipe with a wipes after each practice, and then dry it. But do not wipe with soap or other cleaning supplies, because the yoga mat will absorb it and keep it slippery for a long time.

② on the issue of drying

We regularly wash with a cleaning device, the yoga mat should be flat or hanging on the balcony for at least 24 hours, but remember that exposure, so that yoga mat is too dry.

③ on the cleaning agent

There is a small skill here, personally feel very practical, with 1: 5 mixture of vinegar as a yoga detergent, can effectively remove the stains. Some of the people in the clean-up yoga mat will add polar tea tree oil, because it can play a certain role in antibacterial, but we recommend too much practical, because it will yoga mat rubber expansion.

We have been very concerned about yoga, especially care about the time we spent on yoga mat. Because for whom, to find a favorite yoga mat is not an easy thing. So we have been yoga practitioners on the original intention of yoga on the heart, all the products designed to help yoga practitioners to find a peaceful, comfortable and pleasant feeling.

When you finish a set of traditional high temperature yoga or rhythm fast flow yoga, the same can be sure: yoga mat becomes dirty. Perhaps you will know yoga mat to be clean, but you do not know how long it is time to clean it.

It is very necessary to keep the yoga mat clean, especially when you do the dead body, you will feel very comfortable.

Cleaning steps:

Prepare the cleaning agent, towel, sponge brush

Spray cleaners on Yoga Mat

Wipe with a sponge brush and clean with water

Absorb moisture with a towel and then dry naturally

Many tinea pedis and foot plant warts are also practicing yoga.

A person will be an hour every hour to touch a face, through the yoga mat → skin → nose → mouth to spread the bacteria.

So that yoga mat to keep dry, to avoid the sun straight. (After each class to wipe clean yoga mat)

Can not put yoga mat into the washing machine.

Just 24 hours, yoga mat will naturally dry

Cell phones and aircraft seats have less bacteria than Yoga Mat.

Store Yoga Mat should roll up.

Practice high temperature yoga, should choose heat-resistant yoga mat.