TPE Yoga Mat Non-toxic, Tasteless

With the rapid socio-economic development, people can greatly improve the standard of living, while the health status and size more and more to pay attention. Many people practice yoga exercises as a way to exercise, and yoga can create a more perfect body. Now yoga practitioners have been inseparable from the yoga mat. Because the yoga mat made of professional materials, will be paved on the ground to practice, can prevent the spine, ankle, hip indentation, joints and other parts of the bruise, because it has a certain slip resistance so it can prevent injury and other sports injuries The

Because the yoga mat is directly in contact with the body skin, the practitioner also plays a protective role so to use non-toxic, tasteless, elastic and non-slip better. Choose a good yoga mat to choose a good material.

Yoga mats are currently TPE (also known as TPR), PVC, EVA made of several materials.

TPE yoga mat: is the best environmentally friendly materials; recyclable, to avoid environmental pollution. Features are soft, V paste, tiled ground, strong grip. TPE yoga mats yoga mats produced about 1,200 grams of each cushion, about 300 grams lighter than PVC, easy to carry. Waterproof anti-skid, even sweating, and in the above practice slip effect is still very good!

PVC yoga mats: PVC yoga mats are more commonly used, chemical Chinese name is called polyvinyl chloride, in luggage, wires and daily necessities in the manufacture of very common, PVC new material without smell, but also harm the human body, harmful only Made with secondary material (recycled material).

EVA yoga mats: EVA yoga mat most of the material used in the shoe, the smell is heavy, not recommended.

TPE yoga mats, usually called TPE pull with material, TPE pull sheet material, its advantages are:

(1) non-toxic, tasteless;

(2) extruded product surface smooth dry fine, no particles foreign body;

(3) good weather resistance, good low temperature flexibility, in the cold or winter will not brittle;

(4) tensile deformation is small, extrusion products stretch large (4-5 times);

(5) Tensile deformation is small, highly recoverable, so tpe yoga mats than other materials, yoga mat elasticity better.

(6) recyclable, are green materials, in line with the REACH standard hardness between 30-40A.