TPE Yoga Mat Non-toxic, Non-metallic

Yoga is now more and more people, yoga it is not a simple exercise, yoga is a way of life. Yoga can make people in the noisy environment, control their own heart, let it with the environment noise and irritability. Can make people sleep, the trouble and the uncertainty of the future aside, to enjoy sleep,TPE Yoga Mat this is only part of it, so many people feel yoga how good ah! However, to concentrate on yoga, yoga mat Selection is also important. Such as the market is more tpe and pvc material yoga mat, then the two yoga mat in the end which is good? Cixi mountain chemical technician for us to summarize the following points to facilitate us to understand

TPE mat is made of environmentally friendly materials, in the production process of the production of technology and raw materials requirements are high, so the price is more expensive than PVC,TPE Yoga Mat there are few domestic production of TPE mat factory, mostly Imported materials from Taiwan.

The type of PVC mats where more than the price from a dozen to dozens of pieces are. And TPE mostly more than 100 yuan or even a few hundred dollars.

But better quality PVC mats will not be as long as twenty or thirty dollars can buy.

Two: the smell of the new TPE mat can quickly disperse

TPE mat is environmentally friendly is not there is no smell it? Buy back the new TPE mat will also have a little raw material smell itself (unless the seller in advance to open the smell of the mat).

But we do not have to worry that this is not like the poor quality of the mat as the smell can not be dispersed. We buy back the new mat, the mat open and placed in a cool place to dry a couple of days will be able to disperse the smell. (Here we want to pay attention to Oh: Qian Cheng can not be placed under the sun!)

If it is poor quality mat, that taste how many days will not be dispersed.

Three: TPE mat slip and elasticity is better

We bought the TPE mat can not worry about its non-slip and elastic. Because of this material made of the mat of its slip resistance, flexibility and its workmanship is PVC material can not be compared,TPE Yoga Mat even if the sweat can also slip.

Four: TPE mats use a longer time

TPE mats than PVC durable, the use of time is four or five times the PVC. In terms of price, PVC mats are more affordable. But compared with the PVC yoga mat, TPE yoga mat has the insurmountable advantages:

1, non-toxic, non-metallic elements, natural oxidative cracking, recyclable, to avoid environmental pollution;

2, soft, V paste, strong grip - the whole mat can be posted on the ground;

3, light, each cushion is about 1200 grams weight, lighter than the PVC foam pad about 300 grams, easy to carry collection;

4, better flexibility, strong resilience. Although the thickness of only 6mm, but because of strong resilience, do yoga in the above, you will feel soft, very comfortable, that will not feel thin