The Types Of Yoga MATS

Main composition is TPE TPE foam cushion and EVA and synthetic rubber, the production cost is higher, higher production technology, industry barriers to entry is high. Products of good quality and elastic, soft and prevent slippery effect is high. Do not contain plastic, easy to decompose, is the current bullish products better, was deeply loved by environmentalists. TPE mat current can do 10 mm thick.

PVC foam cushion is widely, the price is cheaper, color variety, low production cost, simple technology, easy to do logo according to customers' requirement, was deeply loved by the masses. The downside is plastic products is not easy to natural decomposition, polluting the earth.

EVA cushion is also very environmental protection, low and high-end. Cheap EVA is too soft, taste is too heavy. High-grade quality is very good, but can only do 4 mm thickness. Markets like EVA mat in the Middle East.

Latex backing, usually add a layer on the surface of hay teng, cost somewhere between PVC MATS and TPE MATS. Is environmental protection product of the earth. The American market like a little more.

CBR cushion is too heavy, the cost is not low. Wear resistance to sliding, tasteless, usually is black.