PVC Yoga Mat Soft And Non-slip

Yoga, which originated in India, has been a popular sport for thousands of years now. Yoga mat to protect yourself is a consensus, but you know, the initial role of yoga mat is not to protect but to prevent dirty. 

At that time, water resources in India is relatively scarce, bathing is very inconvenient, in order to reduce the number of change of clothes, save water, they are in motion mat a mat to prevent dirt. Later found that cushions can also play a role in cushioning shock, to avoid the practice of some of the bumps in yoga, so more targeted to improve the mat. Now you can see a lot of different materials, different sizes, different thickness of the yoga mat, in fact, all kinds of expertise.

So how do you pick a yoga mat that suits you?

Yoga mat More mainstream material is PVC, TPE and natural rubber three kinds. The market also has EVA material, but Eva is relatively soft, the smell is heavier. So this material does not introduce too much here.

First say PVC. It is currently on the market 80% yoga mat will use the material. PVC is a polyethylene chloride, a chemical raw materials, in the absence of foam before the soft, also play a role in anti-skid buffer. But after foaming it became the main material for making yoga pads. With PVC made of yoga mat elasticity, Non-slip degree can also be, the price and the other two materials are the cheapest, generally dozens of yuan can be bought, so in the market is very marketable.

PVC Yoga Mat: PVC, after foaming with soft and play non-slip. Buffering effect.

NBR Yoga Mat: NBR, its oil-resistant excellent, wear-resisting can, heat resistance is good, sticky relay strong. Its disadvantage is low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance, slightly lower elasticity

PVC Yoga Mat: 6-8mm Suitable for beginners do not know if they can adhere to the initial yoga practice to buy, can insist on changing TPE or rubber

NBR Yoga mat: Usually in 10-20mm around, very thick and very unsuitable for yoga practice needs

PVC Yoga Mat: softness, thickness, comfort, non-slip and other aspects suitable for yoga, wear resistance and pit aging is not good

NBR yoga mat: too thick too soft to stand unstable, very unsuitable for yoga