PVC Yoga Mat Non-toxic, Non-metallic

Now the market yoga mat material there are many, the mainstream or PVC, EVA, TPE these three. As the yoga mat is in direct contact with the practitioner's body skin, itself is a chemical, is absolutely not toxic and tasteful. Taobao to see the price of yoga mat is also a big difference, and some very cheap, some very expensive, which is why? This is the yoga mat of the election material, EVA cost the cheapest, TPE cost the most expensive, the following is the characteristics of these three yoga mat raw materials comparison:

EVA material: a hard foam, are low-end yoga mat raw materials, most used in the manufacture of soles, the heavier smell, such as the kind of thick foundation of the loose shoes to use that material. The current yoga mat also belong to this material, but for yoga mat is not very good, its poor elasticity, anti-skid effect is poor, but because of its low price, or even 10 yuan, 20 yuan can buy, Less Taobao black heart business posing as PVC or TPE yoga mat sold to consumers.

PVC material: one of the most common yoga mat raw materials, PVC yoga mats in the market sales of raw materials have different quality and quality, low-quality PVC material containing plasticizers, harmful to the human body, and the smell of large, not environmentally friendly, quality Poor, poor slip and so on. The market has modified PVC, PVC cheaper than the quality of expensive, because the quality of low-cost PVC cheap, businesses in order to open the market, most of the poor quality PVC to do yoga mat, the market price has a certain competitive advantage, Because it is cheap to buy.

TPE material: TPE itself is an environmentally friendly non-toxic thermoplastic elastomer, halogen-free, plasticizer-free, non-metallic elements, non-irritating taste, yoga mat is the high-grade raw materials. TPE material with a soft and smooth non-stick non-stick sticky, good elasticity, oil resistance to perspiration, excellent wear resistance, easy to clean, the most important thing is the human skin will not produce irritation and harm, waste will not pollute the environment, Weatherability is better than PVC, the price is more expensive than PVC.

Choose TPE material to do yoga mat Reason:

1, TPE material non-toxic, non-PVC (without chloride, excluding metal elements);

2, TPE yoga mat has a natural oxidative cracking function, will not cause damage to the environment, recyclable, to avoid environmental pollution;

3, TPE yoga mat is very soft, V paste, tile the ground, the whole mat can hold the ground and grab the ground, reducing the situation we fall;

4, TPE yoga mat quality is very light, each cushion is about 1200 grams weight, thinner than the PVC foam pad, light about 300 grams, easy to carry collection;

5, TPE yoga mat with a waterproof, anti-skid function, even if the soles of the feet, sweat in the hand, doing yoga exercises in the above, anti-skid effect is still considerable. TPE yoga mat is, the back made a beautiful anti-skid particles, slippery effect better;