Massage Ball Have Good Therapeutic And Health Effects

Massage ball fitness effect

Chinese medicine research shows that long-term use of fitness ball exercise, not only to regulate the central nervous system, enhance memory, develop intelligence, improve thinking ability, eliminate brain fatigue, but also to reconcile qi and blood, Shujin Jian bone and strong internal organs. For high blood pressure, neurasthenia, hand neuritis, muscle spasms, post-stroke upper limbs (especially hand) dysfunction, fingertips paralysis, arm weakness, upper limb arthritis, hand blood circulation and other illnesses, good treatment And health care.

Chinese medicine on the fitness ball function Comments:

First, clear the meridians, smooth blood. The body of the internal organs, limbs Baiwei, facial features, flesh, meridians and other components of the meridian, is an important physiological function, is to send blood to the whole body, nutrition whole body.

Second, the internal organs, enhance the function. Chinese medicine believes that the palm of your hand and the internal organs between the organs, through the meridians, nerves, blood vessels, etc., the two closely linked, according to the internal organs and hands, foot of this special relationship between the table, commonly used palm fiddle iron ball adjustable Yin and yang balance, enhance the function of organs, improve visceral disorders, to achieve the purpose of medical treatment.

Third, exercise refers to the force, enhance physical strength. Hands training fitness ball, the fingers are required to force, fiddle with the rotation was coordinated, adhere to long-term exercise, refers to the obvious strengthening, physical strength will inevitably increase.

Fourth, the activities of joints, the elimination of pain. Often practice iron ball to prevent joint aging, so that fingers and elbow, shoulder joints have flexion and extension, the role of each arthritis.

Five, Shujinhuoxue, treatment of hemiplegia. Of mild stroke sequelae of the patients, the ancient folk there are hand-transfer walnut, pedal round wooden sticks of the exercise method, but with iron ball better.

Six, adjust the nerves, improve sleep. The hand is not only a sporty organ, but also a very sensitive tactile organ. As the saying goes: fingers with heart, refers to the fingers are particularly sensitive to pain, through the ball opponents, nerve endings stimulation, can effectively regulate the functional activity of the cerebral cortex, so that the disorder of the plant nerves have been adjusted to improve sleep.

Seven, friction static electricity, relieve cervical spondylosis. Chinese medicine theory that the iron ball rotation, massage points at the same time, iron and palm between the static and thermal effects generated at the same time through the acupuncture points to the whole body around the static and thermal effects of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder effect is very Significantly able to prevent and alleviate these disorders.

Playing health ball also lower blood pressure, brain puzzle, relieve tension, eliminate fatigue.