Gym Ball The Digestive System Has A Good Role In The Adjustment

Regular exercise of the body and foot exercise, can promote the meridian of the meridian of the blood circulation, and then the internal organs such as the spleen and stomach, large intestine, small intestine, liver, gallbladder and other organs to effectively adjust the function of the digestive system has a good adjustment Role, can promote gastrointestinal motility, improve gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function, so that increased appetite, from food intake of more nutrients, enhance physical fitness. In addition, the hand and foot with the ability to improve the coordination of the brain, and there are Ning Anshen and the treatment of insomnia, the elderly may wish to try. Fingers roll the fitness ball at the foot, let the fitness ball from the front of the soles of the feet to the heel, and then scrolled from the heel to the front of the soles of the feet, constantly rolling back and forth repeatedly. Two feet at the same time, each time 15 minutes. The soles of the feet will be rubbing the fitness ball placed in the foot, in the foot to the palm of the hand before the 1/3 depression between the small range of rolling and pressing rubbing kneading, rolling tighten the toes, foot back arch, foot to appear acid , Inflation, heavy and so feel better Two feet at the same time, each time 10 minutes. Toes fiddle with the fitness ball placed under the toes, with five toes toggle fitness ball, from the big toe in turn to the small toe, and then from the little toe in turn to the big toe, repeated fiddle with about 10 minutes. At first, you can use one foot fiddle, skilled at the same time after the two feet. When doing the above action, you can do two or three or four or five ball at the same time the various patterns of rotation action, at the beginning may not skilled, more practice for a period of time will be able to coordinate well,Gym Ball so Is conducive to the prevention of brain atrophy. With the above methods of exercise should be used when sitting, knees position, must take off your shoes, off socks (winter can wear a layer of socks). Fitness ball placed in the ground, must be padded with a layer of thick cloth or cotton pad.