Gym Ball Exercise Our Anti-stretch Core Strength

Gym Ball core strength training: three action recommended!

The core strength training is mainly: in the course of exercise using the core muscles to maintain spine neutral and stable! This is helpful for the prevention of injuries and the transmission of power.

When the movement of the resistance from the outside world try to take the spine, we need to use the core strength to stabilize the resistance to the spine, to maintain the normal arrangement of the spine, to avoid injury, and better power 

For example, in the leaning barbell rowing, the weight of the barbell pulled your spine, if you do not have enough core strength to keep the spine's neutral position, it will cause hump bad posture! Not only easy to hurt, but also difficult to

So the core strength training should be the generation of resistance action, rather than produce action! So the general waist and abdomen training (sit-ups, roll belly, twist, etc.) is not recommended! We have to train a number of core muscle groups to cooperate to ensure the normal arrangement of the ability of the spine!

Today to introduce how to use the Gym Ball to carry out core strength training!

Gym Ball in the field of training has been popular, Gym Ball instability can increase the core of the micro-group to enhance the training effect.

Three action recommendations: the main exercise of our anti-stretch core strength!

Gym Ball has been popular in the field of training, Gym Ball instability can increase the recruitment of core muscle group to improve training

Before the sharing of the use of Gym Ball for core strength training "core strength training: Gym Ball flexion hip"

Fitness Bitch Hip: Use the core muscle to support your spine in the case of hip flexion (movement)

And today we want to introduce you to another action: Gym Ball implementation!

And Gym Ball flexion hip different, Gym Ball to implement the main exercise we flexion and extension in the shoulder when the vertebrae to maintain a stable ability!

Push-ups, feet stretched up on the Gym Ball, abdomen, buttocks tighten, keep the spine neutral! Torso stable!

Hands stretched, stretching the shoulder, back to promote the Gym Ball: in this action process, latissimus dorsi muscle contraction to the shoulder will slowly buckling.

Once reached the lowest point, keep 1 second, shrink the abdominal muscles, and then shrink the latissimus dorsi, rolling back, hold up the body, back to the starting position.