Gym Ball Effectively Eliminate Local Fatigue

Gym Ball in a variety of fitness equipment prices are really close to the people, the general Gym Ball can be won within 100 on the Internet, as the role of the Gym Ball is really too much, the following action is mainly for the abdomen, waist, etc. Parts of the stretch, practice with the slow, rhythmic breathing to stretch, squeeze and other actions, so that the muscles are effectively massage, relax, and thus effectively eliminate local fatigue.

The first step: stretch back muscles.

Put the Gym Ball in the back close to the wall, hands cross parallel to the ground, slowly move down the Gym Ball, knees bent into 90 ° until the action repeated 20 times.

The second step: balance training.

Hands on the waist, one foot on the foot resting on the Gym Ball, the other foot 90 ° bending, upper body straight, the ball on the ball force to make the ball back and forth on the ground, and then change the other foot, but also do 20 times The

The third step: to enhance the waist and abdomen strength.

Lying on the yoga mat, feet on the ball, his hands attached to the ground, raised his waist (pay attention to safety), do not overtake up, the body to the knee this position was a straight line, and then put down the same Do 20 times.

The fourth step: the upper body of the stretch.

Kneeling on the yoga mat, one of the arm on the Gym Ball, the upper body as far as possible to lie down, arms also try to stretch forward, hold for half a minute, for the arm, do several times to reach the purpose of stretching.

Gym Ball has been popular in the field of training, Gym Ball instability can increase the recruitment of core muscle groups to improve training

Before the sharing of the use of Gym Ball for core strength training "core strength training: Gym Ball flexion hip" Gym Ball flexion hip: hip flexion (movement) in the case of the use of core muscles to support your spine to stay neutral! And today we want to introduce you to another action: Gym Ball implementation!

And Gym Ball flexion hip different, Gym Ball to implement the main exercise we stretch in the shoulder when the vertebrae to maintain a stable ability! How to do! Push-ups, feet stretched up in the Gym Ball, abdomen, buttocks tighten, keep the spine neutral! Torso stable! Hands stretched, stretching the shoulder, back to promote the Gym Ball: in this action process, latissimus dorsi muscle contraction to the shoulder will slowly buckling. Once reached the lowest point, keep for 1 second, shrink the abdominal muscles, and then shrink the latissimus dorsi, rolling back, hold up the body, back to the starting position.


The whole process of attention to maintain the tension of latissimus dorsi! Do not relax! Backward to pay attention to tighten the abdomen, buttocks, stabilize the trunk, do not bow back