Foam Roller Set Lightweight, Easy To Store, Low Price

The recent Foam Roller Set is popular with fitness enthusiasts, it is a multi-functional exercise equipment, and the quality is light, easy to store, low price. The purchase of Foam Roller Set and regular workout partners in the gym must have seen the "patterns" of the Foam Roller Set. So how do you choose the right foam roll? What is the role of different Foam Roller Set, and when to use it?

Low density foam Roller

These are the lightest Foam Roller Set on the market and feel very soft when sitting on them. After the intense exercise to feel muscle ache, and feel the strength of massage too big, you can choose foam roller massage. If you feel muscle pain during a massage, you can choose a low-density foam roller because they are softer, but you also have to massage for longer periods of time.

High density foam Roller

These are the most solid Foam Roller Set on the market, and it feels hard to sit on it. If you want a more intense massage, this foam roll may be an appropriate choice. Athletes often use this more solid foam roller, which helps them recover faster and sooner. Remember, the firmer the foam rolls, the more powerful the rolling massage. Some people like the high density foam roller massage is to bring the sour pain, will make them feel tired is better released. But if you find that using this foam roller massage your muscles become tighter, you need to switch to a less dense foam roller.

Short Foam Roller

The density is not different from the first, but it will be shorter, averaging half the length of the conventional foam roll. When you want to focus on a particular area, such as your right four-head muscle or your left armpit muscle, using a conventional foam roller can be cumbersome, and the short foam roll is easier to manipulate. And the short foam roller is easier to carry storage, can put in the trunk, travel can also be a workout.

Corrugated Foam Roller

Some Foam Roller Set are embedded in rugged tumor or wave-like ridges, which can be more targeted massage muscles, such as the shoulder area is often the most stressful parts of the body, foam roller texture can be better concentrated massage strength, soothing muscles.

Medium Density foam Roller

Still not sure which foam roll is right for you? Then choose the medium density foam roller bar! This foam roller is suitable for all items, whether you use a foam roller for specific exercises or stretching.