Foam Roller Effectively Relaxes Muscles And Eliminates Muscle Tension

As a relaxing artifact, the Foam Roller have been well known and used by many running friends. The use of Foam Roller to roll the muscle can play a relaxing muscle, eliminate muscle stiffness tension, loosen muscle knot pain points, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue and other functions.

The foam roller relaxes with the stretching, may improve the muscle and so on the soft tissue elasticity, this has the vital significance to enhances the running ability, the prevention pain.

Really know how to run is often not more than who can run, but to see who pay more attention to muscle relaxation and fatigue recovery. Attention to muscle relaxation and fatigue recovery is a sign of a runner's maturity.

Is the foam roller just muscle relaxation artifact? In fact, the foam roller is also a great tool in strengthening strength, training difficulty and strengthening strength training effect.

The foam roller is used as a strength training tool, and you just need to do it on the basis of the bare-hand strength training, increase the foam roller, such as the hand is not propped on the ground, but in the foam drum, the foot is not placed on the ground, but on the foam drum, the training difficulty will be greatly increased, the training difficulty is relatively greater, the training effect of course is better, At the same time can also avoid the pure hand strength training brought about by the boring and physical adaptation problems.

As a new type of restorative artifact, the foam roller is to roll back and forth its weight on a cylindrical EVA foaming material, so what magical effects does it have?

Effectively relaxes the muscle, eliminates the muscle tension and the spasm condition;

Improve muscle and other soft tissue stretching and elasticity, reduce muscle tension;

Releasing muscle fascia tension, eliminating the important cause of pain-trigger point and softening adhesion scar tissue;

Promote blood circulation and lymphatic reflux;

can also be used to exercise the balance of the body ability;

Relieve joint buildup pain by relaxing muscle and reducing joint pressure.

Perhaps some of the more senior runners have been exposed to the Foam Roller. Use foam drum to do muscle relaxation, often hear people pain ao straight call, the most appropriate description is "pain and happy." So is the bubble roller relaxing really painful? In fact, people often do not know the right way.

Rolling speed is not too fast, can be slowly rolling back and forth, but also in the pain sensitive place to continue pressing for about 20 seconds;

The more painful the more effective is the wrong point of view, because excessive pain can cause muscle protective contraction, but reduce the effect;

As a result, the muscle pressure feeling or a slight pain feeling can be done with both hands and one side of the lower limbs to support, so as to reduce the pressure, do not have to pressure the whole body weight on the foam drum feel "piercing"-like pain;

Each part relaxes 2-4 minutes or so, each rolling 30 seconds may slightly rest, repeats 3-4 times;

In the process of movement to maintain normal breathing, do not hold your breath;