EVA Yoga Mat With Outstanding Resilience, Smoothness,

First of all, we have to understand the main function of EVA Yoga Mat, it is mainly played non-slip, to avoid the spine, ankle, hip, knee and other parts of the effect of bumps, but also useful to isolate the cold on the ground. Good EVA Yoga Mat grip strong, with outstanding resilience, smoothness, slip resistance, and human skin affinity. You can not only practice yoga in the above, but also other fitness activities.

EVA Yoga Mat thickness is mainly 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 10mm, of course, so many sizes we commonly used EVA Yoga Mat thickness is actually: 2.5mm and 4/5 / 6mm.

2.5mm mat: suitable for experienced yoga practitioners, the most suitable pad in the use of public EVA EVA Yoga Mat, but also the favorite of yoga masters (many of the original Indian masters do not have the pad, the maximum limit of the use of congenital environment ...). Because of the excellent touch, with a very convenient, good mat can also be folded.

4-6mm pad: the appropriate general practitioners, good grip, waterproof and anti-skid function is also good, the girl on the delicate, a 5mm EVA Yoga Mat has been considered comfortable. But to go out, if you yoga as a career and you do not drive, every day carrying her out, sincerely like a swordsman.

This is Baidu most popular science, what rubber, linen, foam, EVA, PVC, TPE, these are not professional manufacturing personnel can not distinguish between the pros and cons, I do not pretend to be experts, we only talk about dry goods.

Do you want to choose different EVA EVA Yoga Mat for different yoga exercises? In fact, not so stress, the Indian masters are not hand to come, do not have to pad the foundation. But I recommend thin section, so good to carry a good cleaning.

EVA Yoga Mat of the international standard is 173x61cm, mat length and height is proportional to the market most of the EVA EVA Yoga Mat are common size, but only Atmananda according to the height of Asians, set a more appropriate Asian height EVA Yoga Mat (detailed one See the following description), height more than 170cm, extended version of the mat is more suitable for you.

Compared to a pile of dozens of pieces of bad material EVA Yoga Mat, if you are a novice or just getting started beginners and want to buy a cost-effective mat, it is recommended to choose it. Lengthened body to meet the height of most people, the material on the design of the anti-skid, and grip enough, the thickness of 6mm, daily practice can make you use three years no problem.

Kazakhstan ultra-thin pad: the domestic EVA Yoga Mat brand, he was in the general audience in the most popular. In addition to the price mentioned above for the newcomers, is this super Bo mat. Rubber material for dry slippery more advantages. In addition it's ultra-thin, can be used to carry and like to bring their own EVA EVA Yoga Mat of the venue members. Thickness points: 1.5mm and 3.5mm, recommended with 3.5mm mat.

Hatha linen mat: linen because of the material itself is resistant to stretch, high temperature, sweat strong, more suitable for high temperature yoga, Aspen Tang and other power consumption type yoga, his thickness at 5mm. Itself in the flax on the basis of the addition of rubber, make up for the lack of slippery, belonging to the general practitioner 2.0 upgrade version.

Liforme earth mat: first said that the British production of this is almost no one in the yoga circle of the land ho matme, in fact, I am particularly curious, in the end the brand is relying on what unique characteristics of each yoga teacher want to have the most high-end mat. Because after my personal experience and did not find any unmatched advantage. Can only say that its origin, its high price to ensure the quality, unless you are not bad money, then take away a bar The same reputation and liforme quite belong to the black pad is not abandoned

Do not abandon is indeed a good mat, packaging exquisite content is complete, the appearance of dignified on the grade, the use of strength called the faction - in the most basic functions can fully meet my needs. Not just a feeling and attitude, it and Liforme soil pad together with the representative of the EVA Yoga Mat product life cycle evolution

Its 4mm thickness has a very good foot feeling, environmentally friendly natural materials plus anti-tear layer, good comfort and cushioning performance, both to protect the body joints can feel the connection with the earth, practice very comfortable.

For the different stages of practice, a suitable EVA Yoga Mat to accompany you is still very important, this personal thing I think it is good to choose, yoga is worthy of a lifetime thing, EVA Yoga Mat how casually, hope this For everyone to recommend you to choose the favorite mat.