Do You Know How To Use The Foam Roller?

This bubble guy is definitely not stranger to everyone. It is what we usually call a solid yoga column. You don't look at him in a small size, but the scope of application is super-wide. From the calf, thigh, hip flexor, to the waist, abdomen, back, etc., almost all you can get, can massage and relax related muscles. 

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And if you are a fitness enthusiast or like to run, the foam shaft is also a very useful device that can loosen the fascia and relieve muscle soreness caused by running. In simple terms, it is a cheap massage therapist, the effect is beyond your imagination, after long-distance running, hardened legs will immediately ease.

Therefore, every runner you run should have its own foam axis.

Since it is a science post, we must be responsible for telling everyone here what you need to know when using a foam axis.

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1.Do not abuse yourself

If the foam axis is used properly, it can be used as a warm-up before exercise or as a relaxation after exercise. However, if you use a foam shaft to make your muscles sore and affect your performance or recovery, then you need to adjust your massage immediately.

2. Rolling slowly

You may feel special soreness when rolling the foam shaft, sometimes even unbearable. For this reason, many people will deliberately speed up the rolling and reduce the pain. However, too fast a massage can greatly affect the effectiveness of the foam shaft to relax the fascia. What you need to do is to focus on the balance and master the balance and roll as slowly as possible.

3. Multiple angles

In order to achieve the best massage effect, you need to massage from multiple angles. If you know a little muscle anatomy, then you can follow the direction of the muscle fibers to roll.

4. Adhere to the virtue

Spend about 10 minutes a day and make a brief but effective relaxation for your muscles. This can promote muscle recovery, prevent sports injuries, and improve your athletic performance in the long term. Of course, insisting on the most important thing.