what is yoga ball and how to use it

Yoga balls are also known as fitness balls or yoga fitness balls. Is a sports fitness with the ball sports tools. Most of the material is made of soft PVC material. When the human body comes in contact with it, the inflatable fitness ball will massage the contact area of the human body evenly to generate massage effect, which is good for promoting blood circulation. Yoga ball action arrangement is aimed at the abdomen, back, waist and other major parts of the practice should be accompanied by slow, rhythmic breathing stretch, squeeze and other movements, so that the muscles get effective massage, relax, the effect of fat consumption, but also A stamina that increases concentration, reduces stress and increases endurance in the extremities and spine.

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Yoga ball, also known as fitness ball, midwifery ball, is a new, interesting and special sports and fitness exercises. Nowadays, gymnastic aerobics is particularly favored by urban women for its fun, soothing, safe and obvious effects. Especially in yoga gym is essential equipment.

ufinesports yoga ball size according to the ball diameter: Yes, 45cm, 55CM, 65CM,75CM and so on. Choose the ideal weight and size of the ball based on your individual weight. Yoga Ball Practice picture Available on the market yoga ball color blue, red, purple, etc., according to individual preferences of the color to choose from. Men should choose slightly larger appropriate, women should choose a little smaller appropriate. In addition to the size of the choice is more important point is to choose from the regular manufacturers of durable exercise ball, to be very flexible and have full safety. The weight of most people Yoga fitness ball can be tolerated, because we exercise time is not all the weight on the fitness ball, it only carries part of the weight of our body and the ball to produce a force of confrontation, fitness While the ball lets us relax and sink, our bodies also have their own strength upwards, while tightening their muscles to wrap their bones to protect our body.


Yoga ball with pump is based on the traditional yoga position method, the ball's flexibility and rolling combination of a new fitness exercise. Compared with traditional yoga, "ball yoga" is more interesting, it can be used to help exercise the balance of the body, enhance muscle control, improve the body's flexibility and coordination.
The use of yoga balls, you can also do a lot of stretching exercises, not only to avoid muscle ache, but also massage effect, when people fully contact with the ball, it will be very good for the human body massage. 

Fitness ball can provide the necessary support for yoga moves, so as to better train your toughness, flexibility, balance. We introduce the following set of yoga exercises using exercise balls, may bring you freshness. Of course, different specifications of the ball to bring the effect and feel is not the same, so should be selected for your fitness ball. When you do it, take your time, avoid it, and avoid unnecessary pain for yourself. If necessary, find some support for yourself. Pay attention to the use of yoga balls with your nose for beginners. More difficult, it takes a certain amount of time to practice that huge ball can be flexible, which requires more practice.