The most scientific and most innovative yoga mat selection method

Yoga beginners how to choose a yoga mat?

As a beginner, when it comes to yoga, the most important thing is to establish a scientific and correct yoga concept and avoid physical harm. From this fundamental point, choose a yoga mat to pay attention to:

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1, thickness, many people think that the thicker the yoga mat, the better, in fact, is not the case, too thick mat is not good for practicing balance style, it is recommended that beginners do not exceed the thickness of 10mm thick, of course, depends on the mat material and density, 8mm, 10mm like TPE is very suitable, but natural rubber material, coupled with high-density technology, about 4mm is very good.

2. Straight lines, beginners must avoid injuries when they have just practiced yoga, and the correct lines on the cushion surface combine scientific and correct yoga concepts, which can be very helpful for beginners to practice precise yoga postures. Become a good yoga habit and lay a solid foundation for future yoga.

3, height, choose a wide and long yoga mat is indeed very convenient, but if you choose to have an auxiliary function of the right line when you want to choose the size of their height, because of the special nature of yoga, everyone's body structure is not The same, so this is very necessary to pay attention.

4, non-slip, one of the most important yoga practice is the body's stability, so the mat's anti-skid system must be considered.

As for other factors such as material, brand, etc., I think it should be based on individual circumstances. Some people may choose TPE yoga mats with high odor requirements. If they are environmentally-friendly, they can choose natural rubber yoga mats. If you like super-durable, you can consider high. Density PVC yoga mat (pay attention to the high density, good workmanship), the brand depends on personal taste and preferences, and it will not repeat them here.

How do yoga practitioners choose yoga mats?

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The yoga practitioner here is defined as a yoga enthusiast who insists on practicing for at least one year. They love yoga, persevere in yoga, and have their own unique insights and opinions about yoga. How do you choose yoga mats based on this group of friends?

1, the system, I believe that each practitioner has a set of righting system in mind, will decompose the action when practicing yoga posture. As a practitioner with a certain foundation, the systematic and precise exercise will enable you to realize the deeper level of connotation through the concept of right posture yoga and the correct lines on the mat.

2, practicality, this phase of yoga practice pays more attention to the introspection of the practice, all yoga posture basic understanding, but the muscle stretch, bone strength, and a call and a breath may be at this stage need to advance, so yoga mat Pay more attention to the practicality of the guide function. Only by practicing precise yoga postures can you realize the movement of individual cells.

3, personality, the world has its own unique insights and insights, one for their own mat is a combination of human and nature.

4, brand, brand mat not only quality assured, more important is an expression of their own way of life.

Yoga instructor how to choose yoga mat?

Yoga instructors are practitioners, communicators, and leaders. They contribute to human health. Yoga mats are like their partner in life, the soul of the spiritual world, even more emphasis!

1. Brand, it is not just a symbol, it is the expression of yoga emotion on your way.

2, price, price = value, this is an eternal and fair truth.

3, the right line, may be somewhat puzzled, yoga instructors must have a positive line of yoga mats, only in this way you can better pass the password to your students in the class, they can quickly line with the mat Getting the right yoga posture is very beneficial to you and your students.

4, the thickness, this stage is more suitable for thin section yoga mats, because the body has reached a certain level, can be a good use of various pieces of body functions, and even thin section of the yoga mat easier to carry.