The main function of yoga ball

1. the yoga ball exercise for all people exercise, including those who need rehabilitation treatment, which makes exercise more safer, to avoid a strong impact on the joints, to avoid sports injuries. Some people who have injuries on their backs and backs may not be able to do crunches because they have injuries to their backs and backs. However, when doing yoga ball exercises, they can use soft yoga balls to help athletes exercise and play a role of support Role.

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2. yoga ball movement has a strong interest. Athletes in the general equipment movement, such as treadmill, sit-ups, the athlete can only be a long time to repeat several actions to burn calories, which makes the exercise process of the athlete is very boring, boring. Yoga ball gymnastics has changed the previous pattern of training methods, so that athletes accompanied by warm and imaginative music, playing with the ball. Athletes sometimes sit on the ball, sometimes lifting the ball to do the jumping exercise, these interesting moves make the whole process very entertaining.

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3. yoga ball exercise helps to balance the body's ability to train. Past fitness exercises are performed on the ground or in highly stable equipment, and athletes do not have to think too much about body balance. The yoga ball is different, exercise with yoga balls off the ground, for example: sitting on the ball is a balance exercise, raise one leg, the balance of difficulty to increase a bit. It will be harder to move the raised leg a little. In doing leg up on the ball and his hands propped up to do push-ups, exercise to complete flexing his arms movements, first of all to maintain the body's balance, not to let the ball roll, you have to rely on the leg, waist, abdomen strength Control, which enables effective coordination of body coordination and muscle control.
Fourth, yoga ball exercise with massage effect. Yoga ball is the highest level of integration of people and the ball, yoga aerobics movement designed to achieve full contact with the human body and the ball, and yoga ball is made of soft PVC material, when the body contact with the internal inflation Yoga ball will be evenly touching the human body contact area and thus have a massage effect, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation.

4. correct your sitting position. When people sit on the ball, the body does not relax, your back, buttocks, knees and other parts are still constantly making minor adjustments so that they can maintain their balance. These subtle adjustments help the blood circulation of the intervertebral disc in the spine and enhance the strength of the back. By adjusting their own body center of gravity and balance at any time, increased spine movement, enhance the strength of the back and maintain the correct posture. At the same time, the use of yoga ball flexibility can correct their posture. Therefore, sitting on a yoga ball, the athlete will involuntarily straighten the back of the board, shoulders Zhang Zhang, which is the body to prevent falling instinctive reaction, but also a correct sitting position.

Finally make a small suggestion: exercise yoga ball player is best to wear tight clothing, because doing exercise, the body often contact with the ball, loose clothes will make the action inconvenient. At the same time, the best choice of non-slip shoes at the end, of course, this also needs to be based on the situation of the fitness center to consider. In addition, yoga and ball games should be prepared in the water and towels can be readily replenished moisture ~