The function of massage stick is introduced

Deep full body massage

Massage stick can effectively reduce the movement and stress caused by fatigue and pain. When your muscles are sore from fatigue and tension, effectively alleviate discomfort comfortable massage, relieve muscle soreness, eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength. And tendons supple, improve blood circulation. Each part of the tight muscle relaxation after exercise.

Powerful pounding functions

Massage stick beat function penetration muscle tissue, effectively alleviate soreness. Close-fitting infrared massage stick the weight of the whole focus on massage head, thus greatly strengthened the massage strength.

Mediation function with speed

With massage can adjust the speed, let you enjoy flexible massage. Massage faster speed effective stretch tight muscles, slow rate of massage helps to relieve muscle soreness.

Streamline design and lighter and beautiful

The appearance of ingenious design, fully consider the characteristics of human body engineering. The streamlined handle can massage any part of the body easily. Easy to use and easy to carry, let you enjoy massage anytime and anywhere.