Rubber Yoga mat manufacturers introduce the mistakes often made by choice yoga mat

First of all, in the choice of yoga mat, there is a very big misunderstanding, yoga mat choose the thicker the better! this is not right! Yoga pad is not the thicker the better, on the contrary, many professional masters with rubber yoga mats are very thin portable yoga mat! In terms of thickness, 6-8mm yoga mats are more moderate choice, more than 10mm yoga mats, fitness enthusiasts are more recommended, because the mats too thick and too soft for the yoga style balance is not good! 6-8mm that can ensure knee joint parts are not harmed but also to maintain a larger limit of balance!
The material is more recommended for beginners to use tpe material, here to note is that in all the material, NBR and PVC are the price is relatively low, soft, but slightly less durable material, so generally do thicker, and Pure rubber mat hardness is relatively large, for beginners, especially girls are prone to slightly pain! So tpe material can be said to be almost novice's first choice!

 Tpe yoga mat.jpg 
As for the choice of single or double TPE, in theory the double layer will be more durable than the single layer, but in fact as long as it is not a special kind of cushion, a tpe mat with a few years or loose. For beginners, rubber mats Another misunderstanding is the more expensive the better? In actual fact, the price of a share of the truth is true, but your mat is not suitable for all beginners, such as master linen pad, the hardness of the thickness of the hard! And the cost is too high, not all beginners can afford!