Massage ball fitness effect

1.Dredge meridian, chang qi and blood. The body's vital organs, limbs hundred skeleton, facial features, skin, and other components of the meridians meridians, is an important physiological function, is to transport blood throughout the body parts, nutrition.

2.Inline viscera, enhancements. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the palm between human internal organs, meridian, nerves, blood vessels and so on, the two closely linked, according to the internal organs and the exterior-interior relationship of the hands and feet heart of this special, commonly used palm with iron ball can adjust the balance of Yin and Yang, strengthen the function of zang-fu organs, improve the disorder of viscera, achieve fitness cure.

3.Exercise finger strength, enhance physical strength. Lian ball with your hands, and the fingers must be, fiddling with rotating coordinate, insist on long-term exercise, have a stronger force, physical strength will also increases.

4.Active joints, eliminate the pain. Often practice iron ball to prevent aging joints, fingers and elbow, and shoulder joint flexion and extension of arthritis have effect.

5.Relaxing tendons, cure hemiplegia. For patients with mild stroke sequelae, the ancient folk have hand turn walnut, pedal sticks of exercise, but better with effect of iron ball.

6.Adjust the nerve, and improve sleep. Hand is not only a sports organs, but also a very sensitive tactile organ. As the saying goes: ten judges, is refers to the finger is more sensitive to pain, through the sphere, the stimulation of nerve endings, can effectively adjust the function of the cerebral cortex activity, make the disorder of the plant nerve is adjusted, so as to improve sleep.

7.Friction electrostatic, ease of cervical spondylosis. Turn of traditional Chinese medicine theory is that, in the iron ball, massage acupuncture points at the same time, the static electricity and heat effect between the ball and hands through meridians conduction throughout the whole body at the same time, this kind of static electricity and heating effect is very significant for cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, can very good prevention and to alleviate these symptoms.