How to use yoga brick more in-depth practice

Yoga brick is a lightweight, cheap, but very easy to use yoga aids. It can assist the yoga practice, make it easier for the practitioner to achieve the corresponding body, so as to enjoy the practice process more. Yoga brick can assist any practice yoga style, the following describes the use of eight kinds of yoga brick is just a start, you can learn from inspiration, so yoga tiles to play a greater role.

yoga block.jpg

1.lying position chest

You need two yoga bricks, but the head support can also be replaced with other items
The level of yoga brick on the back of the bottom (you can also put vertical), bra bra is probably the location (if it is a boy, you have to imagine)
Head on yoga brick, or pillow, or other support
Relax completely shoulders down, palm up
Legs can relax straight, can also be beam-footed (two feet palm opposite, knees outward)
Enjoy this style, how long you like it

2, the next dog type
The level of yoga brick between hands (yoga brick can also be against the wall)
Thumb and forefinger are placed in two L-shapes according to the shape of the yoga brick
Under normal practice dog-style, but pay attention to both hands close to the yoga brick do not leave

3, heroic
Kneel on the floor at first
Close your knees, feet apart, toes pointing back
Put the yoga brick under the buttocks, between the legs. According to their height, choose flat, side or vertical
Sitting on a yoga brick, feel the back extension, with the support of the lower core of the back of the neck, neck elongation, slightly lower jaw, with a smile
This is a great way to practice meditation. If practice a long time, both hands can be light on the thigh

4, to enhance the side stretch
Place the yoga bricks in front of your feet and adjust to the height you can reach
Practice this body style, with the deepening of the stretch, you can consider adjusting the yoga bricks to a little lower height, or even remove
Maintain 5 to 10 breaths, try to let the chest close to the front legs

5, reverse the triangle
The yoga brick on the inside of the front foot, foot outside will get deeper stretch
According to individual circumstances to adjust the height of yoga brick
Compaction Yoga bricks by hand, supporting the balance of body-type stability, a deeper degree of reverse

6, half moon
According to their own situation to adjust the height of yoga brick
Support hand should be 6 to 12 inches in front of the support foot away from the place, slightly biased towards the mat side
Support hand yoga Yoga brick, the other hand up, shoulders open up. Note that the support hand is only a guide, do not focus all the weight on this hand
Feel the stretch on both sides of the body, hip rotation open
Half moon-shaped key: the stronger the legs, the more active the leg muscles, the easier it is to balance and open the body

7, forearm upside down

Put the yoga brick between the two hands, starting from the next dog-style
Thumbs and index finger placed in two L-shaped, close to the yoga brick
Pay attention to keeping your hands close to the yoga brick in the process of lifting your legs, which will help keep your elbows inward and your shoulder muscles active

8, support bridge
Normal start Bridge preparation: heel pointing to the buttocks, hands on both sides of the body, palm up
Raise the buttocks, placing the yoga brick just below the sacrum (adjust the height of the brick according to your situation).
Keep your back and neck stretched and gently close your eyes

Let the body fully open and relax