how to use foam rolle

Yoga column, also known as the foam roller, its greatest role is to release the fascia, extending muscles and tendons, in addition it can also dismantle the soft tissue adhesion and scar tissue. In other words, someone uses it to reduce scars.

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Not everyone has scars, but who does not have muscle and sorrow? So today we will talk about the yoga column to ease the muscles and sorrows! Basic introductory skills, friends without fitness, yoga experience are fully able to manage.

The following actions to explain should all be sustained for 1-2 minutes (1-2 minutes for the left and right sides). The number of movements is not important. Speed is the key. The slower the speed, the better the effect. The key to exercise is to feel the pressure of your body with every contact on the yoga column. The more you exercise, the better. When you have an idea to lie down, you must remind yourself to practice yoga.

: Gastrocnemius rolling

Both sides of the gastrocnemius start from the inner and outer upper jaws of the femur, and are large, shallow muscles behind the lower legs. It's closely related to the calf we are bothered by, so if you want to have a thin calf, be sure to try this rolling practice.

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Place your right leg on the yoga column, place your left leg on your right leg, and increase your right leg. Hold your upper body with your hands and push your body so that the yoga column slowly rolls with your legs. You will find the lower legs seem to be freed from sleepiness. After 1-2 minutes, the right calf muscle is completely relaxed. Remember to change the left and right foot position.

: beam scroll
The iliac crest is the deeper fascia of the lateral thigh - the lateral thickening of the fascia lata. On the outside of the thigh muscles, you will find that the yoga column is to save the world!

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As shown in the picture above, sitting on a yoga column sideways, hands propped up the upper body, pushed the body very slowly, so that the iliotions pressed on the yoga column, if you feel the pain is unbearable, then you reached this rolling effect. When you really want to give up when it hurts, just hold your upper body up.

: Piriformis rolling
The piriformis is distributed in the small pelvis, through the large hole in the ischium into the buttocks. This muscle is very easy to strain, oppression of the sciatic nerve produces low back pain. If you often have low back and leg pain, you can actually solve this problem by doing this rolling exercise for 1-2 minutes.

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Sitting side by side on a yoga column, hands support, control the center of gravity increase or decrease the size of the muscles of the buttocks. Because the hip muscles are in deep position, you may need to put all your weight on the buttocks. At this time, you need to balance your body with your hands. It's hard to balance at first, try several times to get the skills, and don't give up.

: hip roll
The hip is where the trunk and lower limbs connect. Since the hip is the center of a series of body movements, it is prone to strain, especially for athletes, dancers, and manual workers.

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Facing the lower hip, press on the yoga column, support the upper body with both hands, and control the center of gravity to allow the yoga column to roll on the hips and legs. Be careful not to act on your pelvis. The leg roll can extend to the upper side of the knee.

: erector spinae rolling
The erector spinae is located at the back and is dominated by the posterior branch of all spinal nerves. During the wrestling exercise, the brachial brace bridges and raises the chest. These movements mainly rely on the contraction of the erector spinae. In daily life, sitting in a non-standard manner and sitting for a long time can cause strain on the muscles, causing stiff and fatigue.

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The erector spinae rolls to relax the entire back, from the base of the spine to the neck. Lying on a yoga column with curved knees, the control roller rolled from under the king behind the shoulders and arms folded across the chest. This is not only easy to maintain but also opens the scapula and deep muscles. Back control center of gravity, hips off the ground until the yoga column close to your hips.

Are you now getting new skills to ease the sore muscles in your body? As long as a yoga column, 10 minutes a day to reach a hand full of masters to give you the effect of massage.