how to maintain Yoga mat in the daily


  Yoga mat is a very common yoga supplies, yoga is also essential to practice a single product. Today we can  learn about the maintenance of yoga mats, yoga mats maintenance as the basics of yoga, I believe we should have known, but some details may not have noticed !

  Your yoga mat can be used for how long? Usually you will pay attention to maintenance? Here, we and everyone from the daily maintenance of yoga mat small way to start learning it!

  Yoga in the daily use after how to maintain

  TPE yoga mat package is a plastic film, TPE itself is also degradable, especially at high temperatures.


TPE yoga mat.jpg

  TPE is a double layer of the middle of two layers is glued together with strong glue, factory packaging, so the smell of plastic to take some time to disperse.
  Many of my friends will feel very strange, why the yoga mat will have such a strange taste? Difficult because of poor quality reasons? Or another reason?
  TPE Yoga mat packaging, in order to prevent the pads will be together, will be coated with a layer of talc and the like, which is one source of flavor.
  Therefore, the smell produced by TPE Yoga mat is plastic film, strong glue, surface coating slip these things, because the cushion packaging smell no way to disperse.
  Disassembled, wipe clean with a wet towel and water in the ventilated place to dry, the smell will disappear.
If your yoga mat is not public. Then, you should pay more attention to maintenance. At least it should be guaranteed once a week to clean Oh! This can not be lazy Oh!

  Ordinary simple cleaning, wipe directly with a wet towel, dry it, or you can use two cups of water plus 4 drops of dishwashing detergent into the sprayer, spray yoga mat, and then use a dry cloth dry.
When not in use, TPE mats are rolled up with hair buckles, or directly tiled, do not fold, or there will be creases, severe cracking.
  If the mat is very dirty, you can use a neutral detergent directly with water cleaning, washing detergent water is not recommended to clean. Because it is difficult to wash the detergent residue, will make yoga mat slippery.
Gently dab the cushion with a cloth moistened with a mild detergent solution and then rinse off with clean water. Finally, use a dry towel to roll up the yoga mat, blot dry and dry excess water.
  In addition, do not let the sun direct PVC and TPE yoga mat material, will accelerate the aging of the material.
Yoga mat how to choose
Material and brand is the most we should pay attention to when buying yoga mats, but also the key to determine the price of mats. Do not be flirtatious by the good looks and the cheap prices, ignoring the quality.

Everyone in the purchase of yoga mat, to consider the following points

1, What is the material, TPE or PVC, or other materials? TPE is environmentally friendly materials can be naturally degraded, PVC is not.

2, is it easy to clean? Usually TPE scrub with a wet towel, and then dry. PVC mat is foam, water, less easy to clean, but also difficult to dry.

3, when tiled on the ground, is it easy to be paved, will not wrinkle? Some yoga mat shop on the ground is uneven.

4, after sweating will slippery? Easy to sweat MM, should pay special attention to this point, if slippery, then the practice of position method is very difficult practice.

5, is it easy to carry? Is not equipped with a backpack, when in practice, there is a backpack is very convenient.

The following methods

1, with the thumb pressure, if the yoga pad pressure where the seal has not bounced for a long time, that flexibility is not enough. A lot of PVC cushion that is 6MM, but the material did not put enough, only 1.1-1.2 KG or so, inevitably lead to insufficient density, poor flexibility.
The normal is 1.4-1.5KG 6MM PVC cushion is flexible enough to effectively protect the yoga practitioners knees and soft tissue.
2, wet a small piece of yoga mat, imitate the situation after sweating to see if it will slippery. If it is slipping PVC foam particles is too small. TPE cushion material generally do not slippery.
3, with an eraser yoga mat, try the material is easy to crack? This is a good way to test PVC mat.
4, pay attention to the material of the yoga mat, choose environmentally friendly. Traditional yoga mats are made of PVC, PVC is a long-term source of plastic pollution, will pollute the environment. And the plastic smell distributed will also affect the practice results.
PVC mat material taste is no way to eradicate, non-toxic tasteless does not exist.
5, eco-friendly yoga mat with natural latex, hemp and other natural materials, non-PVC, TPE is the popular environmental yoga mat.