How to clean yoga mat

Uncleaned yoga mats are likely to harbor oil stains, bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. Choosing the yoga mat that is suitable for you is very important, but the continuous cleaning and maintenance of science and the extension of the yoga mat use time are also compulsory for every yogi.

Especially under the influence of Oriental culture, "Pity", long-term use of yoga mats as personal things, witnessed the gradual growth of their own, and accumulated the body and mind of the magnetic field.

I believe many people have experienced the painful lessons of immersing a yoga mat in water and then drying it in the sun. The cleaning and maintenance of yoga mats is like practicing yoga. You need to be gentle and careful, and remember the following points:

1 Professional yoga mat cleansing spray and essential oils: Passing vinegar or kitchen dishwashing on the Internet is a poor practice. Because of any residual washing ingredients, the texture and structure of the surface of the yoga mat will be slowly damaged, and in the long term, it will cause cracking, slipping and the like. Sprays and essential oils evaporate after cleaning and disinfection, reducing residue.


Bosisto's Sprays
Small bottles of about $6-10/100g
Odor: eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree oil three options.

2 Wipe with a soft cloth and air dry in a cool place. Remember to wash and dry. It is best to clean after each practice, or at least 1 week for cleaning and maintenance.

Manduka mat wash $11.00(8oz), and lotions developed specifically for rubber pads.


I think that the importance of cleanliness is more important for yoga mats. Although the use of public mats is relatively large, each class will be sterilized and cleaned. However, if you bring your own yoga mat, you will often be lazy or ignore the cleanliness of the yoga mat. In the past, mats will smell stinky and have a bad smell. You should like to take care of your expensive clothes to keep clean after each use.


As a yoga teacher, you will be exposed to yoga mats on a daily basis, and self-exercise is not a good cushion. At present, the two most profound yoga mats: The first mat is a frog can be folded, but also very slippery, because of improper use of liquid cleaning directly scrapped. So after buying the ultra-thin mattress of lululemon 1.5mm later, despite being used for nearly 4 years, each time with a wet rag to dry, dry, air-vent room air permeability, so far the anti-skid and the color are maintained very well.