how to choice yoga mat

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The choice of yoga mat is very important, in a good yoga mat can make people happy, full focus on the greatest demand for yoga practitioners to develop and produce more ideal yoga products based yoga beauty yoga international brand tells us how to choose yoga mats :

According to "thickness needs" to choose

One of the most basic recommendations about the thickness of a yoga mat is that beginners can use thicker, such as 6mm thick yoga mats, to prevent sports injuries. After a certain foundation and experience, you can use a 3.5 mm to 5 mm thickness of the yoga mat. Of course, if you are very scared of "pain", you can always use a relatively thick yoga mat practice.

According to the study of "yoga types" selected
If you are practicing yoga that is softly trained, you often encounter the action of sitting on the mat, when the thicker and softer yoga mat will make you more comfortable. But if you're practicing Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, a more flexible type of yoga, you need a little stiffer mat, but a soft yoga mat is less convenient to do. There are some more sophisticated people will think too thick yoga mat hindered their contact with the ground and so on, in fact, the thickness of the yoga mat or mainly depends on personal preferences.

What kind of mat should I use if I do not have the static behavior or the sweat that flows like running, between the two? I will reply "Choose a little thinner." Thick cushion (5mm above) loses contact with the ground feeling, do a lot of action there will be "distorted" feeling. Abroad, the vast majority of yoga practitioners love to use a thin cushion, is the truth. If you think of a thin cushion in the knees to do some kneeling, it touches on the knee under the towel bar.