health to use foam rolle

Yoga column, also known as foam axis yoga stick, commonly known as mace, it is used for fitness training, and the effect is very significant, not only can increase the user's muscle strength, improve balance and coordination of the body, at present, the yoga stick has penetrated into the fitness , sports and rehabilitation come.

foam rolle for back.jpg

Yoga column notes:

Do not do yoga exercise on an empty stomach

Yoga beginners should not challenge challenging movements. They should be gradual, use a yoga stick to stretch the stiff body, and practice to make the limb flexible.

The first time you use the foam axis is short, 15 minutes is enough

The yoga column is simple, but it requires some exercise and physical flexibility to exercise it on some parts of the body. At the beginning, you should find the part of your body that you need to exercise, and place the area that you need to exercise on top of the foam axis. The pressure generated by the weight will help massage and tighten the fascia. You can control the body's pressure on the foam shaft through the support of your hands and feet. Try to put different parts of your body on the bubble axis and find out which method is best for you, which is also very good