EVA Foam Roller manufacturers introduction

I plant mass production of various types of EVA Foam Roller,EVA Foam Roller is the best of the market on the environment-friendly material, the product corrosion-resistant, compressive, moisture-proof, and will not be deformed during use, the Colorless and tasteless products will not be as a result of material allergies and other symptoms, absolutely safe and reliable.

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EVA Foam Roller Products: 

1, This product is mainly designed for the most popular yoga exercise nowadays. The unique cylindrical spike shape can help yoga practitioners to activate the muscles in various parts of the body to effectively relieve body stiffness.

2, the traditional practice of the yoga foam roller rolling for a long time; can indeed improve people's blood flow and tissue flexibility and flexibility, but this is a smooth cylindrical surface, unless you have to use a very long time to contact, If the time may be compressed body parts of the soft tissue, and the company's EVA Opaque yoga contact mace Stick (column) Because there is such a bulge on the above, like the masseuse's thumb when you are in motion, he Will gently press on you, the drum kits will press on your body to help restore muscle flexibility, and those cylindrical surface is flat yoga contact column in the shortest possible time to achieve the best results. I plant the production of EVA extrusion products experienced to undertake the needs of large quantities of customers, according to the material you need, as well as the size of the product as well as the color of the product to the selective requirements of customized, welcomed the talks.