Beginners in the face of different thickness of the yoga mat, to choose which one is the most suitable?

Beginners in the face of different thickness of the yoga mat, to choose which one is the most suitable?


                      According to the material to choose from

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TPE yoga mat the most environmentally friendly

TPE is the most upscale product for yoga mat products. It contains no chloride, no metal elements and is antistatic. Each mat is about 1200 grams, which is about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam mat, so it is more suitable for carrying out. General thickness 6mm-8mm.

Features: Soft, self-adhesive, strong grip - Placed on any ground are more solid. Compared with the PVC material yoga mat, the weight of about 300 grams, carry more convenient.

 TPE yoga mat advantages, light weight, easy to carry, easy to clean, wet and dry conditions are excellent slip resistance, and mat TPE material purity is high, then there is no smell. Most PVC foam mat because of the reasons for the cost of the process or some taste, this is no way to remove. Even if some products do not taste, does not mean that the composition of the change or some non-hazardous substances, unless after the export of products through a variety of tests.

PVC yoga mat high quality and inexpensive

PVC foam (pvc content of 96% yoga mat weight is about 1500 grams) pvc is a name of chemical raw materials, is a raw material. However, pvc foam is not previously used to have no soft and non-slip cushioning effect, only foaming it, to produce such as yoga mats, non-slip mat so finished.

Features:  PVC material affordable, you can buy everywhere, the quality is also guaranteed, cost-effective.
Reminder:  Avoid buying inferior mattresses made from secondary materials.

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